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Masonry Colorado Springs – A Homeowner’s Best Friend

Masonry Colorado Springs

Masonry contractors in Colorado Springs are a small, yet highly specialized firm based out of Colorado Springs. We are masonry designers with over 15 years experience offering quality, custom stonework to the Southwestern Colorado area. Our services include building construction, residential and commercial masonry installation, retaining wall systems, fireplace facings, trim work, fireplace surrounds, rock wall construction, and fire pit construction. Our main focus is your customer. We listen to what they want and then do all that we can to create their dream.

“I just got back from visiting the Masonry Company in Mason, Colorado Springs. I have been looking everywhere for quality masonry work at reasonably competitive prices. There were only a few options here, so I went with the best one that I could find. The crew was friendly, knowledgeable and very polite. It was a pleasant surprise to walk into an authentic working masonry shop and not have to worry about the price as the project was low-key and fun.”

“I wanted a professional job with masonry in my home. This job would have cost a lot more in the other cities I had looked at and I was really upset that I had to move across the country to live in a climate where this was necessary. I am really glad I took a chance and chose the beautiful Masonry Colorado Springs job because now I have a gorgeous brick home with the wonderful new mortar. The city really helped make my move so easy and I will always recommend this company to everyone that wants to build with mortar.”

The Masonry team is made up of skilled masons that bring their knowledge to every project. They can give you advice on any kind of masonry work you may need. We have seen a wide range of different styles of masonry for homes, churches, hotels, businesses, parks, gardens, schools and more. Masonry is a state-licensed business and holds an excellent reputation for quality masonry work performed by many licensed professionals.

There are many things to choose from when deciding upon masonry work. The choices include brick or stone, block, stucco, vitrified/stamped, stamped and glazed surfaces and more. You can also choose from exterior/interior designs, kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring, exterior siding, roofing, patio and landscaping. Masonry can even help with fire escapes and stairwell installation.

There are many other ways in which you can utilize masonry in your home or business. We have seen unique home remodeling and interior design come together using high-quality masonry work, brick repair and color coordination. Colorful colors can be added to interior walls with color-coded mortar mix, and we’ve even seen beautiful river rock-designed walls and courtyards in several of our client’s homes. When it comes to color, nothing works as beautifully as marble and brick. So if you are looking for color, try masonry and if you are looking for a concrete or brick repair job, contact Masonry.

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